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Superintendent's Message

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Scott Turnbull

As we progress through the 2022-23 school year in SUESD, I wish to express my gratitude to every single staff member, student, parent, and other educational partner in our school district community. Our district is truly a special place to learn and work. The past few years have seen mountains of challenges to overcome in public education and, together, we have conquered them all. 


The strength of our school district continues to be our teachers and staff that work with our students every day. While holding high standards for academics, they always lead with their heart while nourishing the whole child when working with students. This is not just lip service. Our staff has committed to tools such as Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed practices to ensure students feel safe and supported so they can then perform at their optimum level academically. 


Our district has also continued to usher in new and innovative programs. Within the last few years, our district has instituted programs such as Dual Language Immersion (DLI), Science and Gardening Emphasis (SAGE), Home-Based Learning Model (HBLM), Expanded Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Zero Period, Block Scheduling, and Integrated Arts. Ensuring our students are supported through a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) has been a focus for us this year. While not a program per se, MTSS offers an opportunity to ensure we are using all of our resources, in a systemic matter, to support each student’s needs. 


We have also continued to ensure our facilities continue to be improved and modernized. Just for one example, you will notice solar shade structures at our school sites. These structures allow us to harness solar energy. Upgrading the HVAC systems in our schools has also been an area we are focusing on recently. Our Information Technology has continued to expand as we now provide a digital device to every student and live stream every regular board meeting. 


I am quite humbled to have the opportunity to serve as Superintendent in SUESD for this, my seventh year. It is a huge honor, responsibility, and privilege. We have approximately 200 employees supporting approximately 1,700 students and I am grateful to be a part of our quest to “cultivate knowledge, character, and equity” on a daily basis. 

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