Superintendent's Message

Scott Turnbull

The 2019-20 School Year will be my thirtieth year as a public educator in California and my fourth as the Superintendent of SUESD. It is so exciting to start this year off with our brand-new classrooms thanks to the Measure C General Obligation Bond. Thanks to staff, parents and community, there is a tremendous amount of positive momentum in the district.



We will continue our focus on meeting all students’ social-emotional learning needs through positions and programs. It is clear to me that SUESD has high-quality teachers and a strong instructional program. The best way to support teachers and instruction is to ensure we have systems in place to support students and families from a social-emotional perspective. We are committed to ensuring our schools are welcoming and positive environments. Students who feel comfortable and confident at school are students who are ready to learn.


Our district will ramp up our focus on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) this year. Our middle school science team has led the way in this area. We are piloting new NGSS-based instructional materials and working as part of the County Science Initiative.


It is my honor and privilege to lead this school district. Responsiveness is the value that I place the greatest emphasis on. I say this because I have learned that this community cares deeply about its schools. Engaging in respectful and meaningful discourse is crucial to creating the best schools for our community. “None of us is as smart as all of us” is a motto I try to live by. Regardless of the issue, and regardless of whether there is agreement or disagreement, all members of our community deserve timely and courteous responses to questions, comments, and concerns.


I look forward to working with you this year and ensuring that the children of this community have a world-class education.