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Student Services

A major focus of the Student Services division is to address a comprehensive vision that will enable all students to be successful in our district. "Every child, every chance, every day," mantra succinctly embodies our commitment to provide for the learning needs of every student. 

The Soquel Union Elementary School District has a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of differently-abled students eligible for Special Education services. Most of these services can be provided at local schools in collaboration with general education programs. 

Special Education is a specifically designed service to meet individual needs of children with disabilities. All students with disabilities have the right to be educated with their non-disabled peers and to receive a high-quality education. It is our belief that students with disabilities shall be provided with real and valid opportunities to learn through the use of specialized research-based instruction, supportive services, and supplemental supports, including ongoing training for teachers, in order to ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn and demonstrate what they know.

List of Services

Bullying Prevention

Special Education



(831) 464-5631

Fax: (831) 475-9087


(831) 464-5631 Ext 124


Vicky Grisham

PHN; School Nurse

(831) 464-5631


Sue Robinson
School Counselor
SCG Counselor

(831) 464-5631 x487

Betsy Crawford.jpg

Betsy Crawford
School Counselor
Main St Counselor

(831) 464-5650 x533


Caitlyn Williams

BCBA District Behaviorist

(831) 464-5631 Ext. 123


Sasha Talavera

Inclusion Specialist

(831) 464-5631 Ext. 125

Ana LiliaEspinoza.jpg

Ana Lilia Espinoza

IEP Spanish Interpreter

(831) 464-5631 Ext. 121


(831) 464-5631 x118


Jennifer Jarger


(831) 464-5631

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