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Getting Involved

There are many ways to take an active role in your school community. You can volunteer in the classroom or become a member of the Home & School Club or School Site Council. Your participation and support are a welcome and a vital contribution to our schools. Contact your school office for more information on any of the areas below that you are interested in.


Main Street School - 454-5650
Soquel Elementary School - 464-5655
Opal Cliffs School - 464-8206
New Brighton Middle School - 464-5660
Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary School - 464-5670


Volunteering in the Classroom

Volunteering in the classroom is an enriching and rewarding experience for all parents. Having parent volunteers in the classroom enables the teaching staff to engage in project-based activities. Parents play a key role in allowing our children to learn from projects. In addition, we make every effort to utilize the talent of our community and we strongly encourage parent participation in the classroom.


Home & School Club

Each school has created an outstanding parent club that embraces the nurturing environment for all children. Our parent clubs are extremely active and they work closely with the teaching staff to provide a wide variety of enrichment activities for our children. The FUN activities that occur throughout the school year are the major focus of our parent clubs at each of our schools. We encourage you to get involved!!!


School Site Council

Parents who serve on the school site council engage in decision-making activities that help the staff to improve the learning environment of each school. School site council parents help create school plans and provide the District Office with feedback regarding the educational environment of their schools.


ELAC/DELAC (English Language Advisory Committee)/(District English Language Advisory Committee)

Our district strongly supports our Spanish speaking parent community. We provide meetings throughout the year that improve the communication between our limited English speaking parents and the school staff at their home school. We are very fortunate to have bilingual principals who actively reach out to our Spanish speaking community. These two committees meet to discuss ways for children who have limited English speaking skills to be successful in the classroom.


Community Partnerships

We have actively pursued the creation of partnerships with agencies and the private sector in our community. Our partnerships with Second Harvest, United Way, and Target Corporation have enabled our district to improve our school grounds, enhance our nutrition program and become more involved in community activities. I encourage you to contact your Principal or the Superintendent if you would like to discuss the possibility of a partnership with your organization or private business.

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