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Information Technology

The Technology Services Department is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of Wide-Area Network (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), Student Information Systems, e-mail services, internet access and spam firewall support and wireless networking on campus.


The Soquel Union Elementary School District’s vision for educational technology is to ensure that students in the district are prepared to be lifelong learners in an information-based, interactive society. To meet this goal, we must develop and expand teaching and learning through the substantial use of existing technology in our schools. High levels of technology resources serve as a foundation to enhance our District’s curriculum goals and support the California State Content and Performance Standards.


As an elementary district, the major curriculum emphasis is to support the development of student English language arts (writing, reading fluency, and comprehension) and math skills that are critical for student success.  Technology will be a useful tool for expanding upon that academic base into those more difficult to master higher level thinking skills, as well as motivating students into expanding into areas beyond the basic curriculum.

Areas of Responsibility

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Overseeing the installation and maintenance of computer network systems across our district.

Call Center Headset


Offering 1:1 support to our staff, faculty and students for hardware, software, network and educational program help.

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Administering network, data, firewall, content and email security. Ensuring system optimization for all resources.


George Lopez

Technology Coordinator

(831) 464-5632


Marla Sanders


Technology Support Specialist

(831) 464-5632


Rene Quezada
Technology Support Specialist

(831) 464-5632

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