Maintenance/Transportation/Operations (MTO)

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the safety, security, and upkeep of all five sites within our district. The staff works on all aspects of maintenance including heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, grounds, and painting. Providing a safe and secure facility for all our students and staff is our number one goal.

The Transportation Department provides safe and timely service to our Special Education students. Working closely with staff, parents and surrounding school districts, the Transportation Department delivers our students to schools throughout the county.




Steve Cartwright

Facilities Manager

(831) 464-5632

MTO Services

Facilities Maintenance

Promoting the safety, health and comfort of students and employees in school buildings and grounds.


Monitoring building safety and security and keeping grounds clean and tidy.

Warehouse & Delivery

Providing transportation and delivery of necessities for faculty and employees.


Transporting students to and from school and ensuring their safety during travel.

Vehicle Maintenance

Ensuring all district vehicles are kept in working order and are properly maintained.

John Said


Maintenance &

Crafts Specialist

Alex Harper


Maintenance &

Crafts Specialist

Craig Feeney

Maintenance &

Crafts Specialist

MTO Staff

Kathy Cologne

School Bus Operator,


Rick Oliver

School Bus Operator,


Don Meyers

Grounds Specialist