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The Superintendent’s Office consists of Executive Assistant, Jennifer Del Carlo, and Superintendent, Scott Turnbull. As the Chief Executive Officer, the Superintendent, along with the Board of Trustees, establishes the long-term vision for the district and ensures accountability to the local community. Also, the Superintendent’s office provides the following:


  • Board agendas and minutes

  • Board Policy and Administrative Regulation adoption and monitoring

  • Oversight and management of each department and the school sites

  • Establishment of complaint procedures to ensure due process

  • Maintenance of community awareness through the release of public information

  • Articulation of educational issues

  • Interdistrict and Intradistrict Student Transfer Procedures

The Superintendent's Office works with the Board in setting policy and direction for the district. The Superintendent provides oversight for all district schools and departments. Board meetings and materials are a part of the duties of the Superintendent's Office. The Board of Trustees meets most first and third Wednesdays during the school year and has a reduced schedule of meetings in the summer.


The Superintendent’s Office places significant value on responsiveness to our community at large. Regardless of the issue, Jennifer & Scott will respond in a timely and courteous manner to phone calls, emails, etc. The working philosophy of the Superintendent’s Office is that we exist to support our school sites and our schools exist to serve the children and families of our community.


If we can be of assistance, we encourage you to contact our office.​

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Scott Turnbull


(831) 464-5639

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Jennifer Del Carlo 

Executive Assistant

(831) 464-5639

Fax: (831) 479-7182

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