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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is at the heart of every organization. One of our district goals is to recruit, select, and retain quality employees to educate and serve the students of the Soquel Union Elementary School District. Highly qualified teachers and top-performing support staff are the keys to successful schools. In addition, Human Resources provide daily guidance and support for district employees. As an employee of the Soquel Union Elementary School District, you will be joining an outstanding team of dedicated professionals who continue to strive to meet the needs of all of our students.


Current Employment Opportunities: EdJoin


Salary Schedules

2022-23 Classified Salary Schedule

2022-23 Certificated Salary Schedule

2022-23 Speech, Program Coordinator of School Counseling Services, Nurse, and Psychologist Salary Schedule

2022-23 Counselor 195 Salary Schedule

2022-23 Certificated Administrative Salary Schedule

2022-23 Licensed Professional Salary Schedule

2022-23 Classified Management Salary Schedule

2022-23 Classified Confidential Salary Schedule

2022-23 Classified Assistant Superintendent Salary Schedule

2022-23 Superintendent Salary Schedule

2022-23 Certificated Assistant Superintendent Salary Schedule

Employee Benefits

Calendars 2023-2024

2023- 24 Elementary School Student Calendar

2023- 24 Middle School Student Calendar

2023- 24 Teacher Calendar

2023- 24 Psychologist Calendar

2023- 24 Classified 11-Month Calendar

2023- 24 Classified 12-Month Calendar

2023- 24 Classified 183-184 Day Calendar

Calendars 2024-2025

2024- 25 Elementary School Student Calendar

2024- 25 Elementary School Student Calendar (Spanish)

2025- 25 Middle School Student Calendar

2025- 25 Middle School Student Calendar (Spanish)

2024- 25 Teacher Calendar

2024- 25 Psychologist & Nurse Calendar

2024- 25 Classified 11-Month Calendar

2024- 25 Classified 12-Month Calendar

2024- 25 Classified 183-184 Day Calendar

2024- 25 Lead Bus Driver Calendar

Calendars 2025-2026

2025- 26 Elementary School Student Calendar

2025- 26 Elementary School Student Calendar (Spanish)

2025- 26 Middle School Student Calendar

2025- 26 Middle School Student Calendar (Spanish)

2025- 26 Teacher Calendar

2025- 26 Psychologist & Nurse Calendar

2025- 26 Classified 11-Month Calendar

2025- 26 Classified 12-Month Calendar

2025- 26 Classified 183-184 Day Calendar

2025- 26 Lead Bus Driver Calendar


Volunteer Requirements Packet (English)

Volunteer Requirements Packet (Spanish)

Employee Classified/Certificated Timesheet

EWR (Extra Work Agreement) Timesheet

Payroll Forms
Automatic Deposit EFT Form
W4 (2024)

DE4 (2024)

Personnel Forms
Employee Acceptable Use Agreement Technology for Use Form

Fingerprint Request Form (English)

Fingperprint Request Form (Español)

Leave Request Form

Non-Work Day Request Form

Personal Business/Personal Necessity Form

Resignation Form
SUESD Certificated Evaluation Handbook
Vacation Request Form

Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Dual Coverage FAQ

CSEA Contract (2022-25)

SEA Contract (2022-25)


Employee Portals and Links

Frontline (Formerly Aesop)

Keenan SafeSchools Training Portal

Escape - Employee Portal

Company Nurse


California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Poster

Transgender Rights in the Workplace Poster

Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee Poster

Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave Poster



Sandy Figueroa

Personnel Coordinator

(831) 464-5633


Sandra Paredes

Benefits Technician

(831) 464-5630

Fax: (831) 479-7182

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