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Learning Schedule

The following are incorporated into the individual academic schedule created by each family:

  • Daily Morning Whole Group Lessons 

Led by Opal Cliffs' teacher each weekday morning starting at 8:15 (currently virtual).       Counts toward the required academic hours. 

  • Weekly Check-In Meetings

Each family has a scheduled check-in meeting with the Opal Cliffs teacher once a week for support, guidance, collaboration, and/or to provide resources to help students achieve success with their home-based learning. The O.C. teacher supports families in meeting scope and sequence guidelines through their choice of standard, textbook-based, curriculum and/or project-based learning. 

  • Daily Instructional Minutes Required Per Grade Level

Kindergarten  200 

Grades 1-3     280

Grades 4 -8    300

  • Enrichment/Study Support 

 Available online or in-person throughout the week to anyone interested.

  • District Testing 

 Coordinated through Opal Cliffs teacher in September,  February,  & April.

  • State Testing (CAASPP)

Spring 2023 Administered by Opal Cliffs teacher end of April.

  • State Physical Fitness Assessment (PFT) 

Spring 2023 5th, 7th, & 9th Grade

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