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"I learned how to be myself and grow as a student. And worry less about being wrong or speaking out in class." 

-Maddison R., 3rd Grade


"The classroom can have many different settings. She did most of her best work outside!" 

-Lia R., Opal Cliffs parent 


"Thanks to Opal Cliffs, we were able to form a pod with other kids in the same grade and still maintain our individual plans each week." 

-Courtney W., Opal Cliffs parent  


“I love Opal Cliffs! I didn’t like school and had trouble learning in a setting that didn’t feel safe or happy. At Opal Cliffs, I am excited about my future and have re-found my love for learning about new things. This is my first year and has been my favorite year of all middle school. I really hope I can come back for high school!”

-Jaid, 8th Grade


“Opal Cliffs created a positive learning environment for my daughter. She is happier and thriving like never before. Lori Kearney is supportive and encouraging, I often find myself smiling while overhearing her morning lesson and feel at ease to reach out to her at any time. Be it in the classroom or learning outside, my daughter ends her day excited, confident, and most importantly happy with herself and her environment.”

-Chelsea, Opal Cliffs parent

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