Derechos / Avisos y Normas

Derechos de los padres y avisos legales (Notificaciones Legales)

Parent/Staff/Student Agreement for both Elementary and Middle School
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Política de Participación de los Padres

Parents/guardians shall be notified of their rights to be informed about and to participate in their children's education and of the opportunities available to them to do so.
Board Policy 6020: Parent Involvement Policy


Aviso Anual a los Padres

2018-19 Annual Notice:

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Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Technology Use and Internet Access
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Parent and Student Permission Form for Online/Internet Publishing of Images and/or Student Work
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Notification of Planned Pesticide Use
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Notification of Soquel Union Elementary School District, Title IX Coordinator

A current litigation matter in the area of student records is being determined in our California Court system today. We have been requested by the California Department of Education to post the following link for your information.

Form: Objection to Disclosure of Student Information and Records
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